Hammer Man: Ultimate Sonic Fighter 2018

Become an ultimate hammer man sonic fighter hero of 2018 and start street revenge battle against enemy fighters. Smack, kick and punish with your strong hammer as super hammer hero or hammer man monster killer. Hammer Man: Ultimate Sonic Fighter 2018 is a typical super hero action simulation game. Start final street fighting battle for justice in this hammer man vs mafia gangster. Your super hammer has hidden powers which can kill fighting enemies in one shot, so bring back justice with grand hammer fighting league. Hammer man sonic fighter is story of multi hammer hero vs super villains mafia.

Gameplay of Grand Action Simulator Game:

New York car gang is teasing around people, snatch their vehicles and creating rampage in city. They have gang of multi locations and you will fight various star mafia gangsters from America, Russia, China, Mexico, Japan etc. Use the strange hammer powers as hammer hero, source of roll and kill, to push back the gangsters!. Be the hammer man super hero and defend these surrounding streets from the other rival gangs and New York car gang in this newest fighting and grand action simulator.

Use your hidden super powers attack against this street gangster squad which includes spin attack of sledge hammer, speed power attack, hammer throw and many more with handy hammer to kill them instantly. So there is no need of gun or weapon when you have this heavy hammer for ultimate attack. A superhero hammer man street fight adventure with great power will come with responsibility. So, defeat enemy terrorists gang by using your super hammer power as super hammer man hero sonic fighter master.

Hammer Man: Ultimate Sonic Fighter 2018 Features:

• Be a super hammer man hero fighter in grand action game.
• Fight with criminal gangs as street hammer man fighter.
• Challenging HD gameplay & different attack powers to use.
• Bring justice back & defeat street gangster squad.
• Smooth controls & vibrant 3D graphics.
• Make your hammer man survival by attack & kill.

So it’s time to take down all gangsters and mafia criminals and start super street fights. Use your ultimate speed super powers and win the street battle against bad forces. People of the city have been brutally wounded and sent to death by the instigators of riot. Prove yourself the savior of the city by bringing survival and ease to the citizen as hammer man city rescue missions. Download now Hammer Man: Ultimate Sonic Fighter 2018 and feel the realistic street battling missions in action simulator.