Counter Terrorist Strike


Get ready to join the Counter Terrorist Battle squad force as a swat police shooter, spying and eliminating the culprits and terrorists. Grand city is under huge terrorist attack and a real battle has been started with alarming situation. Start counter terrorist strike and army battle commando trained by special military force of the miami city. In Counter Terrorist Battle you need to help the nation and save your city from counter terrorists attack show your skills of shooting and sniping, fight like a real battle hero shooter of your army force. Join the special force named counter terrorist force as elite commando and carry destructive weapons with counter terrorist swat force with counter terrorist battle game of 2017.

Anti terrorist battle force is ultimate FPS game with combat and multiple fight actions. Play as sniper shooter in this modern FPS battle game. Become a army commando hero and join the counter terrorist force and show skill in extreme shooting battle game. If you want to join this counter terrorist force then be brave for extreme shooting and expert killing. Stop or counter dangerous terrorist attack with deadly shooting actions. As a special force hero your have to take down enemies like a super sniper assassin and counter the terrorist attacks like hero. Take extreme sniper shots with your different assassin sniper rifle and shoot down the terrorists and killers.

This 3D counter terrorist shooter sensation will blow your mind with sharpshooting commando action! You are a special strike infantry soldier in this swat force shooting adventure. Counter terrorist operation has started and your job is to protect the big city. Take your position like real sniper hero of the city and counter terrorist force.

Features in Force of Counter Terrorist Battle:

– Thrilling counter terrorist shooting missions.
– Complex situations with cross firing, bomb blasting & force attack missions.
– Shooting all the terrorists and criminals will lead you to the next mission.
– Variety of weapons AK47, M4A1, shotgun, MP5 Sniper Gun and 9MM.
– As anti-terrorist assassin rescue commando eliminate the terrorist & criminals.

As a member of a trained special cop strike forces, your duty is to shoot every enemy in sight and complete the final terrorist war task. Shoot down the invaders and enemy force, take head shots and leave no trace behind. Play now force of Counter Terrorist Battle and make become a swat army officer against the evil terror in city.

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