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Monster superhero has arrived as a supervillain in bulk city battle. Create havoc, rampage and fight like an evil super hero monster gangster. Do you like monster fighting games or flying monster battle and transform? Then this incredible monster transform is for you with monster hero battle 2017. After the monster prison escape! The well-known city hero bulk is taking action as a villain for his survival in monster supervillain final revenge war. Monster supervillain battle is an incredible superhero survival is an adrenaline rush action based game with different variety of modern crime city missions. Use your super mutant powers while monster hero fights and create chaos in this Incredible Monster Supervillain: Crime City Battle.

Gameplay of Incredible Monster Superhero Mutant City Battle:

In this Incredible Monster Supervillain Crime City Battle, this time super villain monster from Miami will be the monster gangster of crime city with incredible survival battle story of 2017. Hunk hero will give you nail biting action when you play in the role of a real huge, muscular & angry fighter to break bones in this crime city of Miami as a monster superhero gangster. Start the incredible superhero adventure of chaos and destruction in this heroes and villain battle of flying mutant with strange powers in future war of monster hero. Attack, smash and destroy everything in final revenge between incredible monster vs crime city police. This is not about monster prison escape or monster prison war but the survival battle in the city.

Crash and smash cars and giant vehicles like a deadly criminal. Perform super power kicks and punches and show your street fighting skills against citizens and cop and show them your evil invasion in the last battle of incredible hero. Jump like a flying monster hero in this city battle because city rampage is your mission. Destroy everything on your way with your mighty big hands and super strange mutant powers.

Features in Future Battle of Monster Villain:

– Realistic destruction effects & city environment.
– Nerve wrecking monster combat battle missions.
– Super fights & mutants power attacks.
– Vibrant gameplay and awesome HD graphics.
– Fight and destroy like a real monster villain In the final Battle.

Play as bulk big man and big hero, let’s begin the future fight between city police and monster! Start this monster strange war. Download now Incredible Monster Supervillain: Crime City Battle and trample down the whole town.

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