Multi Robot Panther Hero vs Robotic Villains

Panther superhero is here with futuristic multi robotic powers. In Multi Robot Panther Hero vs Robotic Villains your TPS shooter panther fellow will help you to kill the steel robot villains. Start city rescue missions in survival city battle. Show marvelous transform ability of black robot panther vs robotic machines just like multi spider robot hero. Your mechanical robot body of has heroic fiction power in war and rescue situation. Make your robot panther hero survival vigilant after the futuristic robotic war against robot machines villains. Attack fast like eagle and break the rampage situation.

The grand city needs protection in this amazing future battlefield and your equivalent tps shooting panther robot super hero with futuristic robot powers of transform will help you to end this robotic machine war quickly. Fires and combos with multi fighting strategy will defeat your rivals instantly with multi panther hero. Lots of battle missions are waiting you in this fastest robot action simulator as. Fight in robotic battle field with other panther villain and flying spider villain with other robot villains have martial arts combos with transform abilities in robotic games.

Fight with the help of multi robot and call your partner with transform button who has fire combos attack against panther villain and robotic steel villains in city town crime. Criminal steel robots will chase your and ready for city attack as transform panther robot hero. Be the deadly panther superhero robot and multi robot heroes to conquer the battlefield scenario in the futuristic city war of real steel robot animals and super hero of survival city with rescue missions in Multi Robot Panther Hero vs Robotic Villains. Fight like a city speed hero in thrilling simulator and be the city rescuer by playing this fighting simulator of multi panther robot with robotic battle.

Multi Robot Panther Hero vs Robotic Villains Features:

✓ Fight with amazing robotic war against steel robot machines.
✓ Multi robot panther super heroes with fire attack & flying like robotic eagle.
✓ Robotic war villains fiction steel bots in RPG type gameplay.
✓ Use vicious weapon, karate, martial arts skills against evil robots villains.
✓ High quality HD graphics & sound effects.
✓ Intuitive controls with super addictive theme.

Use your futuristic fiction technology against robot villains as super robot panther hero in best fighting simulation of 2018. Karate and martial arts combos and super fire powers attack will definitely change the city town crime scenario. Choose your transform panther robot super hero and mighty multi robot animal for this combat. Enjoy this Multi Robot Panther Hero vs Robotic Villains game now.