Police Bicycle Game


Become a police hero bmx bicycle rider and take down crime city gangsters and criminals with your sporty BMX bicycle. Police bmx bicycle crime city chase has unique gameplay with cop bike crime chaser effects. In rush city traffic it’s hard to catch traffic smasher citizens, gangster and thugs on police motorbike or cop car. In police bicycle gangster chase 3d game start endless action to arrest city criminals, bank robbers and crime city criminals. Criminals are running on city roads after robbing but your duty is to chase and arrest them before their safe escape. Time to become a cop cycle rider in our latest MTB criminal chaser with Police BMX Bicycle Crime Chase! Best thief chase on bicycle game in the category of police bike chasing games.

Police Bicycle Stunt Missions:

Ride an amazing, super police bicycles and become a police bicycle road rider. You are the police it’s your duty to stop the bank robbers in crime city. Bicycle rider thief chase is a fun game also for kids! Become a legend of the thief chase racing and prepare for the bicycle city savior. Your job as a police officer is to secretly chase and arrest the city gangsters to be the best police MTB bicycle rider. Play this extreme police bicycle vs gangster chase game and do not let any criminal escape. Drive smartly with perform police bmx bicycle stunts in huge city traffic.

Ride super speed police bike to finish crimes in sin city. Arrest criminals quickly and don’t let prisoner escape from jail. Your secret mission is to control crime in the crime city on your bmx bicycle. Drive fast to chase the criminals and gangsters! save yourself from their attacks which may cause harmful and become a part of crime control police squad. Bicycle thief chase game is specially designed for both kids and adults.

Features of Police Bike Chasing Games:

↗ Multiple police bicycle gangster chase missions.
↗ Extreme thrill & challenging 3D gameplay.
↗ Police BMX bicycle stunt riding with HD graphics.
↗ Arrest criminals of crime city with police bicycle rider thief chase.
↗ Full Action packed sound effects in thief run chase 2017.

Folk! Play this police bicycle crime chase game and enjoy the warfare and theft arrest challenging missions with precision and accuracy with bicycle thief chase game. play as real cop’s sergeant MTB cycle rider! Chase gangster, arrest criminals and crime city thugs. Download now Police BMX Bicycle Crime Chase for ultimate cop bicycle adventure.

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