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Russian President Limo & heli sim is about royal drive and flight on lavish royal limousine and presidential helicopter. Fly the escort helicopter of president and forget about other president helicopter games. You are designated with medal for honor and valor in the line of dual duty. Now your nation needs you more to serve Russian president as his security department chief officer and also driver of president limousine and pilot of president helicopter. Take a flight of escort helicopter and drive royal limousine of Russian president. It’s always privileges to serve the nation and become security of presidential life with Russian President Limo & Heli Simulator.

Your mission is to make sure the safe transport of the Russian president from one destination to next in this Limousine driving game. Fly the royal helicopter as well because you are most reliable person. So take your heavy responsibility and make the safe flight for Mr. President and transport him safe on armored limousine in this limo parking game of 2017.

In Helicopter mode you will need to fly a big presidential Apache helicopter to take president to the exact destination which might state to state and from president house to office. As you are responsible for all the transportation of President of the country you got to fly and control the amazing next generation president helicopter and drive big limousine car. Making safe movement of VIP personality is your basic task in Russian President Limousine driving game.

Features in Flight of Russian President Helicopter & Limo Sim:

– Transport of president in Russian limousine and escort helicopter.
– Multiple game modes with hours of quality gameplay.
– Helicopter & Limo sim with royal drive.
– Amazing presidential privileges driving armored cars and helicopter flying!
– Be the pilot of the most epic royal helicopter and driver of limo.

This is your chance to proof the whole world you are the best flight pilot and royal limousine driver out there. This flying game will provide you an epic life flying feeling. Download now Russian President Limo & Heli and drive escort copter and royal limousine in presidential games.

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