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Experience the thrill of being a real dino shooter as hunter of dinosaur. Ultimate FPS super dinosaur shooting with dino hunting in safari park. Super Dinosaur had ruled the land in the prehistoric safari hills. You have a chance to become a dinosaurs hunter in this survival game against the huge Jurassic. Take drastic measures against extreme actions of dinosaur for survival in jungle. Become an ultimate dino hunter against ruthless bloodthirsty prehistoric Jurassic creature in this shooting park. Different kind of T rex & dinosaurs available to hunt because some of them are deadly killers. You have a big jungle park for super dinosaur shooting and hunting. Hunt dino with assault shooting gun in this survival game as dinosaur hunting sniper. Dinosaur Shooting Park Sim 3D is real time hunting experience in wild dino shooting park.

Your mission is killing & hunting of prehistoric predators for your survival in safari dinosaur park. You are a real hunter in this exciting dinosaur shooting game. Hunt dinosaurs from small to giant and from herbivores to carnivores, in this fabulous deadly dino simulation as jurassic shooter in dinosaur shooting park game of 2017 3D. Many kind of dinosaurs to hunt down with your sniper rifle like Tyrannosaurus T. Rex, velociraptors, Carnosaurus, Spinosaurus Or other predators like Triceratops, Apatosaurus etc. T-Rex hunt on breathtaking terrain with multiple weapons like sniper rifle, long range shot gun & pistol available.

Get ready as shoot hunter against the wild dinosaur and huge t rex. There is lot of wild dinosaurs you have to hunt them before they hunt you and this is time to show your hunting skills. Play with shooter strategy to kill these dino but beware they will counter attack quickly in jurassic t rex hunt game. In this extreme survival game big dinosaurs attack on you as enemy and can be deadly and ruthless in super dinosaur shooting in the park.

Dinosaur Shooting Park Features:

• Real Jurassic shooter & hunting experience.
• Safari park for sniper hunting of tyrannosaurus T Rex.
• Ultimate FPS first person super dinosaur shooting missions.
• Different kind of dinosaurs to hunt in this survival game.
• Smart assault guns to kill and hunt angry dino.

Go into the weapons arsenal and choose for best sniper rifle to kill giant jurassic beast and become a dinosaur shooting park game of 2017 3D in jungle dino sniper. Download Dinosaur Shooting Park Sim 3D for extreme sniping thrill in super shooting park.

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