Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Dad Adventure

This billionaire family life simulator is all about living luxury life in new mom dad simulator 2018. In family games after the lots of struggle and hard work which has finally paid off to give the life of billionaire with your family with billionaire dad luxury life with happy family games. In Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Dad Adventure, enjoy maximum fun in your happy life and your rich girl and virtual rich boy should have every luxury of life in billionaire family adventure. You as virtual sheikh of Arabia with happy family billionaire life style, always a luxury life real family games for your and finally you have it now. Buy your expensive sports cars for your virtual boy and virtual girl. Spend the life of a billionaire in this virtual game with your family. In family adventure games and fusion of virtual mom games, luxury life style is to have fun at house party with super mom games. A management game helps to manage dad simulator life tasks who manage daily routine of a billionaire who is on summer vacation trip with family in this family mom simulator with virtual dad and virtual mother game.

Try family picnic games and best of house party games buy expensive pet for home with pet house games. Go for a shopping and start expensive gift buying in shopping mall games and enjoy real family games. A multitasking about virtual dad and virtual mom with management game helps to manage dad simulator life tasks who manage daily routine of a billionaire who is on summer vacation in billionaire family life simulator. Start virtual happy family life with mom dad simulator 2018 and play your role in house party games. Your rich girl is going for shopping in shopping mall. If you want to get taste of billionaire life, then get this family entertainment games & play virtual happy family. Play and enjoy this billionaire life simulator with our Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Dad Adventure. We are also working on girlfriend billionaire love story and soon you will be playing the new baby twins of family simulator as virtual mother.

Drive your expensive sports cars and play golf everyday with your billionaire friends. Conduct meeting at office and enjoy your billionaire life style like a real billionaire family as dad simulator 2018. In luxury life simulator, live a life by escaping the great things of daily routine life with mom dad. Have maximum virtual happy family life fun in new virtual game to explore every feature of this amazing billionaire family fun life. Enjoy this billionaire life simulator and keep expensive pets in best of pet house games. Virtual mother has her own luxury life in billionaire simulator family. This billionaire family adventure will blow your mind with its superb gameplay. Virtual mother game with our family mom simulator is here to enjoy the virtual billionaire family life style. Forget virtual mother with her new baby twins of family simulator and try this virtual mother and virtual dad combination with billionaire life style.

Features of Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Dad Adventure

• Best 3D Family Games with billionaire family simulator.
• Entertaining background music to play dad simulator fun games.
• Lavish activities of virtual mother, virtual dad along with rich girl & virtual boy.
• Play golf, buy expensive sport car & conduct office meetings.
• Enjoy house party, luxury boating & beach parties with friends.
• Interesting missions with HD graphics.
• Smooth controls & addictive gameplay in luxury life real family games.