Wonder Mom


It’s time to teach a lesson to bad guys because don’t know the power of this furious wonder mom! Nobody can beat the fury of the crazy mom who is furious to fight with bad apples. It’s time to stop the street crime in neighborhood being a crazy superhero fighter woman who knows super amazing fighting action stunts. Play a roll of wonder fighter mom become brave street woman of your neighbor and rush to fight with kick and punch shot against street thugs and gangsters. Mom fight in the crime street with karate and martial art skills. Neighbor mom is a fighter so bad guys should beware every time. Play Wonder Mom and become a furious and fighting mom of all time.

So strange mom neighbor in the town. Criminal guys including bikers, street thugs and drug dealers taking up their clash with mom on the streets. So become a brave woman for the protection of your child and show them furious style of fighting as a real fighter. Fight like a wonder superhero mom and rush as neighbor mom fighter in this 3d game. Mom fight in the crime street is the fun game for the lovers of women fighting games.

Become a fighter of the street as superhero fighter mom and face fighting situations all of which should be the end of criminals in the neighbor. Download this epic battle between mean criminals and the angry mom and become a real wonder lady for your children.

Features in Furious Attacks of Mom:

• Act as a superhero angry fighter mom in this action game.
• Save your child from criminal neighbor and drug dealer guys.
• Epic street brawl actions of neighbor mom in this fighter game
• Block, super punch and kick features to demolish enemies.
• Epic neighbor action stunts in this mom fighter game.

It’s time to attack ruthlessly and blow powerfully! beat them up till the street gangsters and thugs will leave your nearest locality. Become a furious fighter mother and show your attack power to the street criminals around the neighborhood. Download now Wonder Mom game and enjoy furious action of a mom with epic fighting stunts.

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